About me


I'm Aya...

Hey world. Just thought I would grace the internet with my presence. As some of you might know, I am the latest edition to Civi, so if your looking for the best column, you found it! Incase it is not yet evident from my pictures, my aesthetic is… mum pictures. Yes, you might be asking yourself what is a mum picture? Well, let me enlighten you. Mum pictures [muhm pik-cher] noun - When you take pictures of pretty things, using awkward angles and horrible lighting, but somehow, it manages to pull through.


I’m a twenty year old french fry addict who roams the streets of Boston, go Red Sox!, who am I kidding? I hate sports. No like, I own a Yankees jersey because it ‘looks cool’ and if you know anything about baseball, you should NOT be wearing a Yankees jersey in Boston. Like Malak and Adeib, I go to University, by go, I mean fail, yes kids, college is hard, very hard. I also grew up in London so I spell mom with a u, just thought I would clarify before every American proceeds to crucify me. I think those are the ABC’s to Aya so I'm going to take this time out to thank my mother for birthing me, my non existent pet for showing me love, the moon for…doing nothing, and lastly for this cake I'm about to eat (may the calories satisfy me).