A Creative Shoot in a Parking Garage

It's so dumb to say but I love making my life difficult :'). I have access to a studio but I choose to challenge myself FOR NO REASON by doing a shoot thats supposed to be in a studio IN A PARKING GARAGE. Feel free to skip the story and just look through the pics hahaha <3

Some backstory, I really wanted to shoot something creative with a model and do a cool hairstyle and a cool make up look. I contacted a model and put up a post saying I need an MUA and someone replied! I sketched out the look I wanted which was a red thing around the eyes and I wanted the model's eyebrows to disappear. The model and the MUA met up first while I got the outfit! The model shows up with SOME WEIRD MAKE UP AHAHHA I had to like take off my camo jacket and give it to her to fix the outfit hahahaha:


ANYWAY. I didn't want to waste her time or the MUA's so I still did the shoot and got some nice photos out of it! The look was cool just not what I was picturing! After we finished that portion of the shoot I went back to the MUA and we fixed the look!


I had two outfits, a white turtle neck and a yellow polo. I had the location ready. We're back on track I'm pumped! so we get to this garage and yall dont understand its not pretty! its not the right shade of red and her eyebrows WERE STILL THERE. Everything was kinda going wrong with this shoot but I brainstormed real quick and figured it out. I edited the colors in lightroom and took out her eyebrows in lightroom! I used small patches of a wall and turned it into a backdrop (in PS) and this was the result!


I lost the befores but this is kinda what it looked like without the editing! (these are kinda edited though)


Shoutout to Alicia for being so patient with that shoot shes a star!

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