About me


im samrah...

Hello stranger reading this :) I’m Samrah and I am Civi’s latest and oldest admin! Oldest meaning both original old and grandma old, yes, I consider 20 to be old 👵So centuries ago when Civi was born (more like less than a year ago, but yano) I was one of the OG admins and after a short hiatus (fancy word init) I’M BACK!

I guess the best way to describe myself would be that I’m a completely random human being with an unhealthy obsession with making bad puns. And when I say random I mean random, my hobbies range from baking and cooking to reading intense mystery novels to performing magic. That’s right #abracadabra 🎩

So I’m still pretty new at the whole photography thing (another thing to add to my list of random hobbies), but any chance to take some bomb pix and I’m there so I really hope you guys like them! That’s it from me for now, until next time ✌️️